"Thank you. These are the words that fully explain my gratitude in its complete sincerity.
This past year has been, and the upcoming one will be, very difficult  for my family financially and
the opportunity you have given me has truly been a blessing, as well as a stepping stone to a brighter future."

"When I first came to the United States...I was sixteen years old and had only a second grade education. I could barely dream of completing high school, and yet now I am able to continue my education in college!.... I will always be thankful for your support and helping to make my dream come true."

"I have already begun to take control of my future and the career I want to pursue. I wouldn't have that opportunity if it weren't for this organization."
"You have given me hope and a brighter future.
I will not have to drop out of college because of finances."

"Your generosity is allowing me to make my goals and dreams a reality.  
I hope in turn one day I’ll be able to give back and help other students achieve their goals."

"You are doing an astonishing job in helping students pursue their dreams.
By granting me the CHS scholarship, you created a path for me to brighten my future.
I look forward to being able to give back to the community once I begin my career."

"I have worried about how I’m going to afford another year of college.  This scholarship is going to help out immensely and for that I can’t even express how grateful I am."


"This scholarship means so much to my family and I
because just knowing that there is one less thing that I have to
worry about feels like weight is lifted off our shoulders."

"The CHSSF is a blessing that helps many students
in all kinds of ways and should never stop."

"I thank you for your confidence and willingness to help me achieve my goals. I really appreciate and respect the consideration you gave me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for your generosity and support."